The Illusion of Commitment document

It is easy to commit yourself to something. This is something that few people will admit to. It’s the commitment that counts.

You can start a diet or workout program, but you must be committed to it.

What do you owe for these plans? Absolutely nothing.

It can be frustrating to let go of the plan. It doesn’t hurt.

Commitment is the only one that has any value.

Many people who are committed don’t succeed.

You must attach your soul to your desire to change. It should feel this way.

It must be personal.

It must operate at a higher level.

Effective commitments can be a paradox. They can be a uncomfortable mixture of fear, excitement and optimism as well as pessimism and insecurity.

This is where breakthroughs are found.

Although self-improvement is a natural part of every person, it’s often hidden under uncertainty, self-sabotage or previous failures.

You must be willing to take on risk in order to make commitments work.

Connect to more than the things you wish to change when you’re ready to make a change.

You should be focusing on what you want to achieve, and not on what you might lose if your commitments aren’t kept.

Set goals. Set reminders.

This is where your will to succeed will be found.

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